The Warcry team at Games Workshop has been crushing it with their Realm of Ghur themed terrain and models and the latest set Warcry Hunter & Hunted is no exception with an impressively large Sarlaac pit, sorry, I mean’t Mawpit included. Join me in today’s post where I share photos painting guides and take a look at the Mawpit’s Warcry rules.

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This model was kindly sent to me by Games Workshop. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hunter and Hunted is a box set expansion for Warcry pitting the Cities of Sigmar Wildercorps Hunters vs the Ogre Mawtribes Gorger Mawpack and includes the Mawpit terrain piece. The Mawpit has its own unique rules and they’re pretty cool. The special rule Unquestioned Champion is genius. If a single fighter is on the skull platform at the end of the battle they get +1 to their renown rolls and gain +1 glory. This is a huge incentive to to get your most powerful fighter onto the platform and defend it.

However, with reward there is sometimes risk and that’s certainly the case here with the Killing Ground special rule. This rule allows a fighter to use the Mawpit Abilities: [Reaction] Desperate Gambit and [Triple] Get in the Pit. Desperate Reaction can be used by a fighter if they’re on the Skull platform or within 1″ horizontally of the Maw. It’s used when your fighter is targeted but before hit rolls are made. If your attacker misses with all their hit rolls, then the attacker is taken down. If they hit with at least one then you’re taken down. It’s a gamble but imagine the enemies strongest fighter on the platform and you charge with a zombie or something, they could end up losing their best fighter if they roll poorly. The second ability is Get in the Pit. If you spend a [Triple] and target someone with less wounds than you on the Skull platform or within 1″ horizontally of the Maw you get to roll a dice and add your strength, if the total is over 8 you can chuck them in the pit and they’re taken down.

Painting the Mawpit was really fun. I kept the ribs and skull platform separate so I had some easier sub-assemblies to paint. Everything was undercoated with Wraithbone spray and then I just carefully applied all the base coats. You’ll see the sand, rocks and chains are all shaded with Agrax Earthshade so I did that stage all at the same time. It’s so big, it did take a while to finish, but I’m really happy with it.

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