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You have asked for it (a lot). I’m glad that today I can finally present you an army shot of all the craftworld Iybraesil models I’ve painted so far, displayed on my recently built urban board. Find out more about this army and the board after the jump.

So far, the army consists of 1 Farseer, 10 Guardian Defenders, 6 Rangers, 5 Dire Avengers, 6 Fire Dragons, 5 Shadow Spectres, 5 Wraithguard, 1 Wraithlord, 2 Hornets, 3 War Walkers, 1 Wave Serpent, 1 Fire Prism and 1 Crimson Hunter.

There will be another Wave Serpent (type II), a Falcon (also type II), Banshees, Dark Reapers, a couple of jetbikes, a Forge World Avatar and some Harlequins. Those are all models that I already bought, and I’m gonna work through them over the next couple of months. Apart from that, I would love to add all aspect warriors (hopefully we’ll eventually see some plastic kits to replace some of the really aged models like Swooping Hawks or Warp Spiders) and a large centrepiece model. No Wraithknight, but maybe a Lynx. I’m really in love with the model. I also adore the design of the Revenant Titan, but I wouldn’t have enough space to display it and it’s really expensive.

Before I’ll paint more Eldar models I’m gonna add some scenery pieces to my display board. This should allow more variety when setting up pictures. I’ll also add additional backdrops with different designs and colour moods to compliment my various armies eventually. I might even build another board, painted to match the the bases of my Eldar models.

For now I’ll stick to the board above though, and learn more about army photography first. I try to emulate the style of photography you used to see in White Dwarf battle reports and codex books, before they started to put smoke and coloured lights in every picture. One problem I’ve encountered when taking the picture above, is the image quality in terms of sharpness. I guess my cheap kit lens has its limitations and to take more detailed and sharper pictures I’ll would have to invest in a decent prime lens. Maybe for christmas. Any advice for taking crisp pictures of larger armies?

What do you think? How do you like my army and its presentation?


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