WIP: Dwarfs Belegar Ironhammer

Just a quick WIP to show where I am on Belegar Ironhammer. I wanted to start on this guy as soon as he was pre-released and I wish now that I had just ordered him then. My hope was to purchase him from the local…


Showcase: Lizardmen Chakax

Chakax the Eternity Warden. This guy has been sitting as naked metal on my shelf for at least five years now. Two things came up that gave me a reason to tickle him with my brush. First I needed a test model for my Temple…

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Showcase: Skaven Queek Headtaker

One of my local buddies started up a new Warhammer Fantasy podcast and invited me to help co-host. It is named Dimensional Cascade after our local forum. Give it a listen if you dare and if you live in Washington state please pop onto the forum…

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Showcase: Night Goblin Characters

First, I need to apologize to everyone for utterly failing on the third part of my tutorial on how I painted these models. I am not going to post the photos as they are just too poor to be much help to anyone. This was my first…


Showcase: Lizardmen Skinks

Well I thought I was done with this batch but once I got them under the lights I noticed I forgot to paint the base edges again to clean up the basing materials that slopped over. Well I decided to proceed with shooting them anyways…

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Showcase: Night Goblin Horde

This was the first 50 count Night Goblin Horde I painted as part of the army. Armed with hand weapons, trusty shields, nets and full command. They followed the bow boys and I was making good time on them now. Even so they took over a…


WIP: Lizardmen Skinks #5

I finally consider the Skink part of the Skinks done. I decided on the grey stone for the insets on the hand weapons and the javelin points. I like it on the hand weapons but not sure I will keep the javelin points like this….