This was the first 50 count Night Goblin Horde I painted as part of the army. Armed with hand weapons, trusty shields, nets and full command. They followed the bow boys and I was making good time on them now. Even so they took over a month to paint from start of assembly to completion.

When I started the project I decided that there would be no static grass or flocking since I wanted a subterranean feel. But just the stalagmites and rocks alone were rather stark and boring so this time I added in a bunch of skeleton bits. If you look at the bases of the command group you will see that one skeleton is arranged across the three bases. I like to imagine they are the remains of victims from raids brought below ground to serve as fertilizer for the mushroom farms.

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This was also my first use ever of unit fillers to break up the unit a bit visually. They are small ones and few, just a base with a stalagmite too large for a goblin to fit with too. Viewed from table side it is a nice effect.

Another thing you might notice is that I do use a sprinkling of spears in the unit. They help soften the units profile, give it a little more height and a more chaotic look. I did the same with my Skaven and really liked it. 

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For those interested the main color schemes are:

Skin: Waaagh! Flesh > Warboss Green > Skarsnik Green > Nurgling Green > Kislev Flesh > Cadian Fleshtone

Robes: Black Primer > Eshin Grey > Dawnstone

Yellows: XV-88 > Averland Sunset > Yriel Yellow > Screaming Skull

Happy painting all!