Well I thought I was done with this batch but once I got them under the lights I noticed I forgot to paint the base edges again to clean up the basing materials that slopped over. Well I decided to proceed with shooting them anyways and acknowledge that I still have that much more to do. With that said, here are the final shots of the first batch of my Lizardmen army redo. 

This is them ranked as a Cohort of 24 with command. The (very rough) army list in my head will call for four units of 10-12 skirmishers and one 50 count horde with at least two Kroxigors and Tetto’eko. 

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This batch did take me a very long time to complete. I will confess that most of that was due to a blinding fear of commitment over how to paint and then base them. The shields alone were repainted three times. I spent two weeks cutting up and re-gluing plastic plants until I figured out how to make the ones I like. The color of the feathers may still change depending on the final color I choose for the Saurus. Still I feel I have solved several of the major hurdles for the army on whole and will go much much faster now.

The two shots from the rear show how jumbled the bases end up when trying to rank these guys. This is one of those kits that has always suffered like that. I think it was designed when the book contained only skirmish units of skinks so they were never intended to be so close. Reposing and repositioning them only seems to make it worse. If the movement tray was the right size it really wouldn’t be that evident anyways so I just don’t worry about it that much.

Here they are on some 2×5 skirmish bases which lets you see around them more.

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Plants are plastic plants cut up and reglued to my liking. Sticks, gravel and leaves I picked up on the walk home. 

I am currently working on setting up a space dedicated to a small cyc for tutorials so when I do the next batch I will fully document each step.