Horus Heresy, Showcase

Showcase: Blood Angels Legionary in MkVI armour

Cinematic shot of a Horus Heresy Blood Angel in MkVI armour, painted by Stahly

In the turbulent times of the Horus Heresy, the Blood Angels Legion stood as a bastion of courage and integrity amidst the chaos. Today, we present a Blood Angels Legionary, clad in the revered MkVI “Corvus” armour. This “grimdark” paint job portrays a warrior from the latter stages of the Horus Heresy, a period marked by both tragedy and heroism for the IX. Legion. Find out more about this model (and how to paint it) in this post.

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Horus Heresy, Reviews

Review: Horus Heresy Land Raider Proteus

Horus Heresy plastic Land Raider Proteus unboxing & review

Put on your nostalgia glasses, the plastic Land Raider Proteus kit finally arrives for us to review. Based on the proportions and design of the original plastic Land Raider from 1988, the new plastic kit offers a faithful recreation of the Forge World resin model. On top of that, you can also choose between building a Land Raider Proteus Carrier or Explorator. Find out more in this review.

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Horus Heresy, Reviews

Review: Horus Heresy Sicaran Battle Tank (plastic)

Horus Heresy plastic Sicaran Battle Tank Review - box

Vroom vroom! The plastic Sicaran Battle Tank enters the battlefield of the Age of Darkness. This high-speed destroyer tank was designed by Ferrus Manus and Guilliman to outflank slower vehicles and has become a fan-favourite for its potent accelerator autocannon and unique design that is so different from the classic Rhino and Land Raider hull based Space Marine tanks. In this review, we’ll check if Games Workshop has managed to translate the model faithfully into plastic or if some corners had to be cut.

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