Just before Christmas, my local Element Games held a competition for a winter themed miniature. Sadly I didn’t win, but really loved painting up the Lord of Winter and Ruin – Oldhammer Style! I present to you: the Rogue Trader Leman Russ model.

I knew from early in the creative process what I wanted to achieve with this, the 3 models charging across a frozen lake. I didn’t have the original wolves so replaced this with the modern Fenrisian Wolves models. I made the base itself first – some slate from the back garden was washed and glued to the plinth, before painting it with a lot of dry brushing and some washes. Once this was dry I put some plastic sheet around the edges held on with masking tape, and put some silicone in the corners of this to try and reduce leaks. After pouring in the resin it was pretty clear that this still leaked! I ended up sanding the spilt resin off the sides of the plinth. Greenstuff World Liquid Frost and AK Interactive Snow Microballoons finished off the winter effects. 

I wanted each of the wolves and the pelt on Leman Russ’s back to look different – the black wolf was basecoated Abaddon Black with progressively lighter browns dry brushed over it, the lighter wolf was basecoated white and then locally washed with Seraphim Sepia then Agrax Earthshade, and lastly the wolf pelt was basecoated white with a thinned Briar Queen Chill painted over the top.  

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