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I’ve painted up another model from the Indomitus set, this time it’s the Adeptus Astartes Judiciar. In this post I’m going to take a look at this new units background and rules.

Just like a Chaplain, the Judiciar is a member of a Chapter’s Reclusiam but he isn’t a Chaplain. While a Chaplain uses battle hymns and prayers to bolster the spirits of his battle brothers the Judiciar is silent. Binding oaths silence the Judiciar when he wears his helm. His role is judgement and executing vengeance against all those who oppose the Chapter.

Surprisingly, the Judiciar is an elite choice whereas the Chaplain is HQ choice.  The Judiciar is armed with Absolver bolt pistol, Executioner Relic Blade and Frag and Krak grenades. He also carries the the Tempormortis. This huge egg timer, stops an enemy unit within 6” fighting until all other eligible units have fought first. 

His Executioner Relic Blade gives him plus 3 strength in combat and is -3 armour penetration and 2 damage. If that wasn’t powerful enough for you then any unmodified wound roll of a 6 causes a mortal wound in addition to any other damage. 

His skill with a blade gives him another benefit in combat, a 4+ invulnerable save against Melee attacks. 

His base 4 attacks hitting on 2+, probably wounding on 2+ with his str of 7, -3 armour save and doing 2 damage on each wound with a chance of doing additional mortal wounds makes this guy a really nice elite choice. He has the character keyword so he can benefit from look out sir. 

Even his Absolver Bolt Pistol is nothing to be sniffed at with and 18” range, str 5 Ap-1 and 2 damage. 

I’m really happy to add the Judiciar to my Dark Angels’ Reclusiam. I kept the build 100% stock. I didn’t want to convert it because I really enjoy his new unique look. If you want to convert yours you can quite easily as the arms and head are separate pieces. 

This model is part of the Indomitus set from Games Workshop. At the time of writing this set isn’t available to purchase yet. The Pre-order is the 11th July 2020 and it hits shelves on 25th July. It’s limited edition while stocks last and Games Workshop has put on a limit on 3 per person. 

I’m pretty sure the Indomitus models will be released separately at some point in the future but there has been no official word on this at this point. 

Check out my unboxing video of the Indomitus launch set. 

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