Vroom vroom! The plastic Sicaran Battle Tank enters the battlefield of the Age of Darkness. This high-speed destroyer tank was designed by Ferrus Manus and Guilliman to outflank slower vehicles and has become a fan-favourite for its potent accelerator autocannon and unique design that is so different from the classic Rhino and Land Raider hull based Space Marine tanks. In this review, we’ll check if Games Workshop has managed to translate the model faithfully into plastic or if some corners had to be cut.

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The Horus Heresy Sicaran Battle Tank Review box
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The Sicaran Battle Tank will be available for preorder starting Saturday, August 13 2022, and on sale one week after. The model is a faithful adaption of the resin kit and comes with an accelerator autocannon turret, a hull-mounted heavy bolter, and a choice of heavy bolters, lascannons, heavy flamers, or volkite culverins as sponson weapons.

Sicaran Battle Tank review

The box has the same size as the Deimos pattern Rhino and unveils a total of 5 sprues, an assembly guide, and a small transfer sheet with Sons of Horus and Imperial Fists iconography.

Horus Heresy plastic Sicaran Battle Tank Review - unboxing box contents
Sicaran Battle Tank unboxing

Two large sprues build the hull and turret, and there is a medium-sized sprue for all the tracks:

Additionally, we have the side-sponsons sprue we know from the Kratos Heavy Assault tank, which lets you build a pair of heavy bolters, lascannons, heavy flamers, or volkite culverins. Finally, there is the generic tank accessories sprue that also comes with the Spartan Assault Tank and Deimos Rhino. This one has hatches, gunner options, various pintle-mounted weapons, a hunter-killer missile, search-light, and smoke launcher. 

Plastic Sicaran sponsons and accessories sprues
Sponsons and tank accessories sprues

It should be noted that the kit only contains the accelerator autocannon turret. It is unclear whether there will be more kits for the Punisher, Omega and Arcus variants, as the turret is not “outsourced” to a separate sprue like the Leviathan weapon arms. I suspect that these variants will remain available as Forge World resin models for the time being, perhaps converted to upgrade sets for the plastic kit.

A comparison with the original resin model can be found over on Reddit. Apart from the smaller exhaust block, the models are pretty much indistinguishable.


Fortunately, the prices for the new Horus Heresy releases were quite tame so far, and the RRP of £47.50 / 62.50 € is also surprisingly affordable for such a chunky tank. The classic Space Marine tanks like the Predator and Hunter/Stalker have reached a price tag of £40 / €55 by now, and the Sicaran isn’t exactly small, it’s between Rhino hull tanks and the Kratos in size. This is all the more astonishing because the Primaris Gladiator, which has a similar mass, is priced well above the Sicaran at £52.50 / 67.50 €. And let’s not even talk about the original resin version…

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  • Faithful translation of the resin kit
  • All sponson and pintle-mounted weapon options included
  • Reasonable price for a tank of its size


  • Only accelerator autocannons turret included

Final Verdict

The Sicaran is another excellent plastic kit for the Horus Heresy Range, with high fitting accuracy, and plenty of bitz for all the secondary weapon options. The price is also reasonable for a model of this size, and makes the formerly expensive resin model available to a wide mass. Perfect for one of the most popular tanks of the Age of Darkness.