Horus Heresy

WIP: Death Guard Spartan Assault Tank

Its not really a wip as its pretty much 99% finished, but I had to call it that as I still need to finish the doors. The model itself is darn heavy and was a complete nightmare to assemble. I know previously I mentioned the…

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Horus Heresy, Tutorials

Tutorial: How to Paint Sons of Horus Space Marines

This is the third of three tutorials voted for by the Tale of Painters Facebook group. This is a tutorial explaining how to paint the Sons of Horus Space Marines using the latest Games Workshop paints. The model above was painted in 14 steps. I break each step down with a high resolution picture and detailed instructions. Read the full tutorial after the jump.

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Horus Heresy, Showcase

Showcase: World Eaters Apothecaries

Some more blood-smeared World Eaters, but these fellas have a perfectly good excuse for looking like this: They, much like Dr.Satan, Dr.Quinn or Dr.Pepper, are physicians so it’s OK. Maybe you’ll remember that I painted these models before for Crimson fists. The colour scheme isn’t…

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