Read on to discover how to accurately paint the Ultramarine symbol again and again and again.

I use Vallejo Game Colour Wolf Grey instead of white because it covers easier and isn’t as harsh as pure white. I start by painting 4 dots to outline my ‘U’.

I then join the dots to form a circle.

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I fill in the circle with one coat…

… and then a second thin coat to make the colour more even and solid.

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I then paint a thin bar across the top of the circle making sure it just clips the top of the circle and is no wider then the circle itself.

A thin blue line (sounds like an Ultramarine last stand) is then painted vertically.

Finally, a small blue circle is painted where the blue line ends. Make sure the blue circle is o not central. The ‘U’ looks better with a thicker bottom.

Did you find this tutorial useful? Do you have any questions? Maybe you want to have a go and post links to your versions in the comments below.

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