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Have you already picked up this month’s WD? Let’s see what this issue brings apart from the new official flyer rules!

The Good Stuff:

Painting guides for the Stormtalon, the Dakka Jet, the new Savage Orc boss model and for White Scars; official rules for the new flyers; The Battle for Cardrim, 8 pages of new fluff involving White Scars, Orks and Necrons.

What’s In There For Painters and Modellers?

(Short) painting guides for an Ultramarine Stormtalon, an Evil Sunz Dakka Jet, White Scars infantry and the new Savage Orc Big Boss. There is also a beautiful Blood Angels Army on Parade, an Empire themed Golden Demon showcase and a Reiksguard themed terrain gallery (some Citadel terrain kits with some added Reiksguard bits).

Things I Didn’t Like:

In this issue were 38 pages that were either full-blown pictures with almost no text or adverts or both. When you open the magazine there appear three double page spreads, one for the new flyers, one for Necrons and one for Orcs & Goblins before you get to the editorial. That’s just too much, especially considering Orcs & Goblins merely get two characters this month. They also changed the new releases section. There are no prices (maybe because of this month’s price rise?), but each of the three flyers gets two pages of pictures, two pages of diagrams and two pages of the box contents laid out unassembled and unpainted. Just screams filler to me.

It’s also strange that this is the third issue in a row without a proper battle report. Lord of the Rings is also completely absent. Another thing that bugs me is that the turquoise/golden Nihilakh Necron army gets featured for the third time in this issue – are there no other Necron armies in the studio?

The Verdict:

There are some good articles in this issue, no doubt. Official rules for the new Space Marine and Ork flyer with proper bestiary pages with new full colour artwork and fluff, and the new fluff story they included was a nice read with a surprisingly good amount of text. The wealth of painting guides was nice, too, even though the new, uncommented style of tutorials they introduced with the new paint system is sometimes hard to follow. It’s also interesting that you see less and less ‘Eavy Metal painted armies in White Dwarf.

On the other hand, apart from this few good articles everything else seems to consist of full blown pictures with very little text. The amount of non-sense double page spreads and blatant ads reached a new spike with this issue. This brings the whole issue down. White Dwarf has really been a mixed bag lately. Do the editors don’t know in which direction they’re heading? Do the add-on rules, expansions and campaigns we’ve seen in the last couple of issues take away too much resources from the rest of the magazine? Have the bean counters at GW cut the budget of the WD staff? I don’t know, but all I can say is that I don’t really enjoy WDat the moment and rarely pick up my magazines again after I flicked through them.


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