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Hey guys, here is my finished Sepulchral Guard warband. I already sneaked a group picture into my hobby resolutions and recap post, but here comes a post with even more pictures.

Shadespire warbands make great painting projects because you just need to paint a couple of models. I really enjoyed to use purple as the main spot colour, as it’s a colour I’m rarely using.

Here come some of the paint recipes I used:

Bone – Basecoat Formula P3 Jack Bone, wash with Army Painter Warpaints Strong Tone Ink with a bit of Lahmian Medium, layer Jack Bone, highlight with Pallid Wych Flesh, then Vallejo Model Colour White (any white will do). Jack Bone is a great bone colour as it’s not as yellow as Ushabti Bone, but also not as greyish as Rakarth Flesh.

Purple – Basecoat Screamer Pink, recess wash with Warpaints Dark Tone Ink, tidying with Screamer Pink as needed, highlight with a mix of Screamer Pink and Emperor’s Children, then with pure Emperor’s Children

Brass – Basecoat with Vallejo Game Color Brassy Brass, wash with Warpaints Strong Tone Ink, recess wash with Nihilakh Oxide for the Verdigris, then adding a little bit of VGC Jade Green once the Nihilakh Oxide was dry, highlight with Warpaints Plate Mail Metal (Ironbreaker)

Black – Basecoat VMC Black (any black will do), highlight with VMC German Grey (Eshin Grey), highlight with Dawnstone

The Harvester (the skeleton with the huge scythe) is a bit special, because it’s the only model that doesn’t have anything purple on it. Originally I basecoated its hood in purple, but it looked wrong, so I changed it to black like the ‘Eavy Metal version. It makes sense that the reaper wears black, doesn’t it?

These models were a blast to paint. I painted them in December and over Christmas, I guess I could have spent a little bit more time on them here and there, but all in all I’m happy with how they turned out. Would love to paint the Skaven warband as well, once it comes out, but I guess I should finish my Skaven Blood Bowl team before…

How do you like my Sepulchral Guard? Tell me in the comments below!


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