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My Centurions are finished. These models took just under 3 weeks to assemble and paint. More pictures after the jump including a comparison shot.


These models will form part of my new company I’ve started painting. I’m going for a completely classic 2nd company which will feature flames, skulls, lightning bolt free hands. I converted the legs on this model to make it look like he is striding. 


This guy is the sergeant. His red helmet and red skull in his Chapter symbol denote his rank. I liked his striding pose and his heavily ornamented armour so I made him sergeant. 


To really hammer home the second edition theme, I’ve painted hazard lines, bright yellow chest eagles and red gun casings. I’m even painting small army badges onto the right greave. All the icons are painted freehand. This model also had slightly converted legs with a cut at the hip and repositioned feet

Comparison shot. The Centurion is mounted on the new 50mm base and is actually an absolute beast of a model. My Centurions have a greenstuff spacer at the waist and I mounted them on slate but it’s still big and wide. The centurion above is using his hand to show how tall the terminator is.

So, the big question… do you like the new Centurion sculpts? 

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