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You don’t get many models in a 1500pt pure Grey Knight force, but you do get some lovely big centre piece models.  Despite the lack of models, I still wanted a mix of units to paint. Draigo armies of paladins look so boring! Variety is the spice of life after all. Read on to see close ups of the units and my thoughts behind each unit.

This is my Grand Master, I converted him using Draigo as a base and then just used plastic Grey Knight Terminator bits. I gave him a Nemesis Force Halberd to make him a bit faster in combat, because I can imagine him going up against other HQs. I also gave him 3 servo skulls (will need to make these) to help counter enemy infiltrators/scouts if I decide to keep the whole army off the board at deployment and then they’ll help my deep strikers.  The grandmaster can also bestow special rules on D3 units. I will probably use the rules that makes infantry units, jump infantry, monstrous creatures or walkers count as troops, but if i’m playing a mission where that isn’t required then I’ll give some units the reroll wound rolls of 1 rule. I will probably have to deploy the Grand Master because his psychic power can really help with reserve rolls. 

I love this model, it’s a brilliant plastic kit. It’s a walking behemoth with a massive sword and a wrist mounted heavy weapon, what’s not to like! It’s also new and exciting, no one has seen anything like this in a marine force before. Deepstriking this model near the servo skulls will make his arrival quite accurate.  Using the Grand Master Psychic Communion will see my deep strikers arrive on a 3+ on turn 2. 

Now some purists will say Grey Knights shouldn’t have access to Pre Heresy models, but I say they were formed straight after the heresy and the only equipment they would have access to is pre heresy equipment… plus it’s the rule of cool here, and this model looks freaking cool. I’ve given it Psybolt and Psyflame ammunition so it has a str7 assault cannon and a str6 heavy flamer. He’ll probably hitch a ride with the Storm Raven. 

The Purgation squad is quite expensive with 4 Psycannons so I gave the Justicar a Warding Stave to soak up those heavy weapon shots that will come the squads way. I’m not sure how to utilise this unit. In objective based games, I’ll sit them on an objective in or near my deployment area hidden from sight using  their astral aim to unleash 16 str7 rending hits on anything that comes within 24″. They’ll claim the objective if I use the Grand Master’s Unyielding Anvil special rule.

This fast moving jump infantry unit will be used to reinforce an attack or mop up weakened unit or hunt down enemy artillery/heavy weapon squads deep behind enemy lines. Jump Infantry with a str6 flamer and force weapons should really make a mess of horde armies despite their small unit size. I have to be careful this unit isn’t left isolated though. 

This is the first of my obligatory troops choices. These are the forerunners to ride inside the Storm Raven, possibly with the Grand Master. So long as the Grand Master gets out at the end of turn 1, he’ll be free to use Psychic Communion power at the start of the movement phase of turn 2 making my reserves more accurate. This squad has a mix of weaponry, no real thought behind it, I just like painting different cool looking models. 

Second Obligatory troops squad. Will probably deep strike this unit where it’s needed the most and open up incinerators and storm bolters to weaken a target. The Justicar’s thunder hammer is master crafted. A bargain for 5pts.

With so many high point units in the force I went for a bog standard 205pt Storm Raven. Upgrading to twin linked Plasma Cannons and Multi Meltas will punch a hole in armoured targets. The Mindstrike missiles are str4, couple that with the machine spirit and I can zoom about and still unleash hell. 

So what do you guys think about my army and battle plans? Are they sound, are am I missing something? What would you do differently? What should I get for the next 500pts?

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