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It’s that time of the year again where I pledge my 2014 hobby goals and recap what I actually achieved during 2013. You can read last year’s post here and the year before that can be read here. Read on to see what I have planned and what I managed to get done.

2014 Hobby Resolutions

During 2014 I want to finish my Necron force by painting the last 8 Necron Warriors and 6 Tomb Blades from the 2012 Megaforce. I also want to paint a Heldrake and my Cultists for my Black Legion army. I want to continue with my 2nd Company Ultramarine force by painting the 2nd edition set and the 2011 Megaforce. I also want to start my next Megaforce project which is the Eldar Ghost Warriors boxset. Right that’s the models I own. I also foresee more Hobbit purchases and Tyranid purchases.

2013 Hobby Recap


The first month of the year saw me complete my Hobbit boxset. This was also the month that the Tale of the Mega Painters challenge started. I failed to paint anything for that project as I was still tying up loose end projects.


Still tying up loose ends in this month I painted 8 Genestealers and 3 Tyranid Warriors to complete my Tyranid Attack boxed game. I did start painting some Necrons for the Tale of the Mega Painters Challenge.


This month I flew into the challenge and managed to catch up by painting two units. 8 Necron Warriors and an Annihilation Barge.  


I enjoyed this month a lot because I managed to complete three models. With two of them being 40k Warlords. I’m really happy with the Abaddon Conversion and the paint job on the Necron Lord is technically one of my hardest, made all the more impressive that I produced a full tutorial for the model. 


A productive month. Two Necron units for the challenge completed. Some cultists for my Black Legion and a second Eagle from the Hobbit



I was away for a week this month on holiday but still managed to paint a Tomb Spyder, Black Legion Sorcerer and six Wargs.  


This month saw me buy a mint, shrink wrapped copy of 2nd edition 40k and I painted a little combat squad for fun. I also painted the Forgefiend which had been on my desk for a couple of months.


This huge impressive plastic kit was started in July and took until the end of August to finish. It was a major drain on time and productivity suffered. Still it does look good. 


I finished off the tactical squad I started a couple of months ago and started the Centurions. 


Centurions completed, I jumped straight back into the Tale of the Mega Painters project by painting the Triarch Stalker from the Mega Force. I also painted the awesome Grim Hammers. This month was also really special because I had my Ultramarines featured in White Dwarf magazine. 


Settling back into productive painting again saw another unit of Necron Warriors painted from the mega force. A Helbrute was added to my Black Legion. I also painted my first competition piece. A heavily converted Goblin Wolf Rider, which I won a regional painting competition with.   


Necron Doomsday Ark and Cryptek completed. Also on my painting desk are the Trolls from the Hobbit and the Mirkwood Rangers box set.

On top of all those models I painted, I also managed to produce a whooping 28 tutorials for Tale of Painters during 2013.  

Highlights of 2013

My favourite hobby related experience of 2013 was meeting Stahly and travelling to Warhammer World. I actually visited Warhammer World several times this year, including a visit to the Forge World open day and a couple of meetings with White Dwarf to have my Ultramarines featured in the magazine. I got to meet Dan Harden a couple of times, who is fast becoming one of my hobby heroes with his ability to churn out high quality armies to tight magazine deadlines. I’ve also found a painting home at GW Barnet. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of painting and sharing ideas with others and I even held my first Masterclass painting lesson for a small group.

It’s going to be a very hard year to beat, but here’s to 2014. 

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