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It’s that time of the year again where I pledge my 2015 hobby goals and recap what I actually achieved during 2014. Read on to see what I have planned and what I managed to get done.

2015 Hobby Resolutions

During 2015 I want to finish my Black Legion force by painting 10 Cultists and an Aspiring Champion. I also want to finish the Dark Vengeance Set by painting the Dark Angel Contingent. I’m really enjoying Deathstorm at the time of writing this so it would be awesome to finish the contents of that boxed game. Naturally I want to build and paint Smaug. Dare I mention Storm Claw and the Eldar Ghost Warriors box set? OK then, I want to paint them as well.

2014 Resolution Recap

Last years resolution was a mixed bag. I didn’t finish the last of my Necrons, instead I sold them to draw a line under that project. I did finish my Heldrake but not all the cultists. I did continue my 2nd Company Ultramarines by completing the 2nd edition box set but didn’t paint any units from the Ultramarine Megaforce. I didn’t even open the Ghost Warriors Megaforce. But I was right about painting new Tyranid and Hobbit models!

So what did I paint? 


Hunter Orcs on Wargs 

Leviathan Tyranid Tutorial

Kraken Tyranid Tutorial

Behemoth Tyranid Tutorial


Mounted Azog and Azog on foot

Mounted Fimbul and Fimbul on foot

10 Mirkwood Rangers


An Ultramarine Tactical Squad from the 2nd Edition boxset

A Tyranid Haruspex


40 Gretchin

7 Goff Orks


Black Legion Chaos Daemon Prince

Black Legion Chaos Heldrake

2nd Edition Ork Dreadnought


Tutorial on how to paint Ogres

Black Legion Chaos Space Marine Rhino

5 Chaos Cultist


Hawkshroud Imperial Knight

12 Hunter Orcs


Khârn the Betrayer

6 Mirkwood Spiders

Deathwing Terminator Tutorial

Space Hulk Blood Angel Tutorial

Space Hulk Genestealer Tutorial


Armies on Parade Board for my existing Orc army


Beorn in Bear form

Beorn in man form

Rebased an old Trygon


Tyranid Toxicrene


9 Space Hulk Genestealers

Spawn of Cryptus, Tyranid Broodlord

Captain Karlaen, 1st Company Terminator Captain.

Carnifex with two pairs of Devourers with Brainleech worms.

You can read 2013’s recap here. You can read 2012’s recap post here and the 2012’s resolution can be read here.

2014 has been a great year for me. It started off well with a few trips to Warhammer World to play through the Hobbit scenarios with Dan and Cat, which then turned into two White Dwarf Weekly articles and an Army of the Month feature in Warhammer Visions. I also went to the Warhammer 40,000 open day which was excellent. Going to Warhammer Fest with Stahly was a particular favourite. Picking up a finalist award each was only overshadowed by Phil Kelly asking us which one of you is Stahly. Amazing. I also entered Armies on Parade for the first time and picked up the gold award. Finally, my Imperial Knight was reader’s model of the week in White Dwarf weekly. 

2014 is going to be a tough year to beat. Watch this space.

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