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I had so much fun making and painting this ruined building. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a change of pace from the hobby. After the jump I give you more pictures of different angles, including some thoughts on where I’d like to take this project next. 

Full guide on how to make your own ruins is in this link.

I should really make the other corner, shouldn’t I?

3D printed window frames and cornices adorn the walls. They are also easily made from card or plasticard.

Some ornaments were added from the Cities of Death plastic ruins that GW sell, just raid your bits box.

Oldhammer in action!

This picture just tickles my nostalgic spot and makes me feel all fuzzy.

So, what’s next? 

I have to build the other half of this building really. I’m thinking the other side might be taller with an extra floor tall with a piece of roof intact maybe. The other half of this building would probably be the front with a big central door. Above the door would be an Aquilla with the wings either side of the door. I think ground floor would be intact with just surface rubble on it. The first floor would be virtually intact but the second floor would be just the corners. If I have a piece of roof as well, there could be a little loft space with just enough room for a single 32mm base (Vindicare Assassin!).

Yeah that sounds awesome. It also sounds like the start of an Armies on Parade Board…

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