Riding across the planes of Hysh, riding side-saddle and knocking arrows back. Here is a showcase of my recently finished Hurakan Windchargers. The best Roos in the game.

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Showcase: Lumineth Realm-Lords Hurakan Windchargers from Helon cinematic shot

I can now say I have painted every model in the Lumineth Realmlords Range (besides a few variant builds)! So I’ll be honest about these dastardly Kangroos. This kit was brutal. The kit took about three weeks to finish, and I was pulling my hair out by the end of it.

Lumineth Realm-Lords Hurakan Windchargers from Helon front
Hurakan Windchargers

I plan out painting most of these calvary kits in a variety of sub-assemblies. It can make the process much easier to tackle. Its much easier to focus on getting five bows done, and finished then trying to complete five fully painted models. Not to mention the overlapping hands, the details on the saddles, and well as the ornate chest plates are really difficult to get to with a brush without leaving at least some pieces off the model.

Lumineth Realm-Lords Hurakan Windcharger painted
Hurakan Windcharger

These boys were no different. I started with just the mounts. Leaving heads, bodies, one leg, bows, and quivers all on separate sub assemblies. The mounts are by far the where most of the challenge comes in painting these models.

Lumineth Realm-Lords Hurakan Windcharger painted, side
Banner Bearer for Hurakan Windcharger unit.

For the bodies. I pretty much followed the back of the box, with some a couple of my own tweeks. First I base-coat the red with World Bearers Red. Then I start on the creamy bone color with Rakarth Flesh. Next you just have to continue to blend those to colors together across the ankle sections of the legs. The biggest tip I have for you is to use a big of Carroburg Crimson along with the Druchii Violet that GW suggests. It will help with some of the blending, and is actual better at tinting the World Bearers Red.

Lumineth Realm-Lords Hurakan Windcharger painted, other side
Just to prove I painted both sides.

Any one else painted these beasts yet? Let me know your thoughts on them below in the comments, or feel free to leave a reaction. Love to hear from y’all!