As a demo model for my review of the new Vallejo Model Colour range, I painted a Medic of the Death Korps of Krieg. In this showcase post I will show you this foot soldier of the Astra Militarum in detail and give you a complete list of all paints and techniques used.

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Death Korps paint recipes

As you can see, this model was painted with only the new Vallejo Model Color range.

Basecoat: VMC Luftwaffe Uniform
Recess shade: VMC Luftwaffe Uniform / VMC Black mix
Layer: VMC Luftwaffe Uniform / VMC Grey Blue mix
Highlight: VMC Grey Blue

Black leather
Basecoat: VMC Black
Highlight: VMC German Grey
Highlight: VMC London Grey

Death Korps of Krieg medic painted with Vallejo Model Color

Red leather
Basecoat: VMC Burnt Red
Recess shade: VMC Hull Red
Highlight: VMC Cavalry Brown
Highlight: VMC Red Leather

Dark blue armour
Basecoat: VMC Infantry Blue
Highlight: VMC Prussian Blue
Highlight: VMC Pastel Blue

Basecoat: VMC Natural Steel
Recess shade: VMC Natural Steel / VMC Black mix
Highlight: VMC Silver

Blue steel
Basecoat: VMC Gunmetal Blue
Layer: VMC Gunmetal Blue / VMC Natural Steel mix
Highlight: VMC Natural Steel

Basecoat: VMC Copper
Recess shade: VMC Mahogany Ink
Highlight: VMC Copper / VMC Silver mix

Red lenses and buttons
Basecoat: VMC Dark Vermilion
Highlight: VMC Faded Red
Dot highlight: VMC White

Teal screen
Basecoat: VMC Dark Sea Blue
Layer: VMC Dark Sea Blue / VMC Blue Green mix
Layer: VMC Blue Green
Highlight: VMC Light Blue Green
Dot highlight: VMC White

Orange syringe
Basecoat: VMC Amaranth Red
Shade: VMC Burnt Red
Layer: VMC Clear Orange
Highlight: VMC Bright Orange
Highlight: VMC Light Orange

You can find an overview of all colours in my reproduction of the new Vallejo Model Color range:

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My Vallejo Model Color review

You can learn more about the new formula Vallejo Model Color range, plus watch along as I paint the Death Korps of Krieg medic in this video:

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