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A momentous day is upon us battle brothers, for I have completely finished painting the Warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance boxed game. More detailed, glorious pictures after the jump my friends.    

I got this box set at 12 o’clock midnight the day of it’s release all the way back in 2012 so I could post a review of it on this blog. Nearly three whole years later I’ve finished painting the contents!

The Black Legion Chaos Space Marine force

Chaos Helbrute

The start of this project was a false start with me painting a rather bright pink Helbrute. I instantly took a dislike to my approach to the Crimson Slaughter and proceeded to do a u-turn on the project. At the time the Black Legion Supplement Codex had been released for the iPad and I instantly loved the idea of painting an army fit for Abaddon himself. 

Chaos Cultists with ranged weapons

Chaos Cultists with melee weapons

Chaos Sorcerer Lord (conversion)

Because I really wanted Abaddon to lead my Black Legion force I decided to convert the Lord that comes in the boxset to a Sorcerer. I used spare parts from the plastic Chaos Terminator Lord (left overs from my Abaddon conversion). I’m really happy with how it came out. I used Vallejo fluorescent paint for the ghostly warrior apparition.

Chosen Chaos Space Marines

The Dark Angel Space Marine force

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Dark Angel Company Master

Dark Angel Librarian

Limited Edition Dark Angel Chaplain

Dark Angel Deathwing Terminators

Dark Angel Ravenwing Bikers 

Dark Angel Tactical Marines

If you’d like photo tutorials with detailed instructions on how to paint the factions from this box set then click the link here

So where from here? Well all these Dark Angel models will become part of a larger army of the Imperium force which I plan to add to with some Assassins and second Imperial Knight. I also plan on adding more to the Chaos force by painting up the models in Assassinorum Execution Force as Black Legion models. I guess that’s my next boxset to paint… or maybe I’ll break out Stormclaw boxset and add some Space Wolves to my army. Who knows!?

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