Hello everybody, this is my first post here on Tale of Painters and I would like to present you some of my Orks from last year’s „Armies on Parade“ project.

About me: I am Thilo aka Banzai1000, I am a painter, not a player and very much into the AoP business since the beginning of it. I am a three times local gold medal winner and achieved two finalist pins on Golden Demon. If you are interested, click to find out more…

With the Warboss above I achieved a finalist pin on Golden Demon.

Garfy's Get-a-Grip Banner 760px

This model is converted from an original first edition Landraider from GW and not from an actual Forge World model.

Massive Orc Killburster Tank from FW. Really heavy…..

Ork’s on the loose… I created six bikes which I converted from the „Black Reach“ Killacopters.

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Also the trike was converted from a Killacopta with parts from the truck.

Here a close up from one of the bikes.

I hope you enjoyed my Ork collection, next time I’m going to share my progress on my Armies on Parady entry for this year… so stay tuned!