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Howdy all, this weekend sees the first campaign weekend at Warhammer World since the rebuilding of the venue. Of course, I shall be in attendance once more (I’ve been to countless campaign weekends) alongside about 17 friends from my local GW store in Staines – the “Staines Invaders” (yes we have matching T shirts!)

As such I’ll be fielding a full Knight list for the first time. This is a double edged sword as campaign events often throw in curveball rules and strange games, which may see me in some trouble. A review will follow next week of the weekend.

In the mean time, I present Inquisitor Knight Karibdus Korsikov, who has requisitioned a detachment of the Lucius homed Legio Astorum to form a “Baronial Court” formation.

The formation consists of 5 Knights. This consists of 2 Errants, 1 Paladin, 1 Crusader and 1 Warden making up the Baronial Court Formation.

The formation is pretty powerful. It offers the Warlord +1BS and +1WS – very useful for his Gatling Cannon, the formation gains +1 to its Invulnerable Ion shields, and also the unit can overwatch if within 12″ of a fellow Knight. Again, the pair of Gatling cannons being the biggest beneficiary as templates still cannot overwatch regardless.

So here come the boys…

Inquisitor Knight Korsikov (Knight Warden)

I have used the sword from the Cerastus FW knight here. Its on a magnet so easy to switch back to its proper model,. It will still count as a Knight Reaper Chainsword, but felt a sword looks the part for this guy!

Knight Crusader

Knight Errant 1

Knight Errant 2

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Knight Paladin

Knights Assemble!

How do you like my Baronial Court?