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Garfy visits Warhammer World for the Warhammer 40,000 Open Day. After the jump some of Garfy’s favourite things he saw there. 

Design Area (Design, Eavy Metal, White Dwarf, Forge World).

Matt Holland’s Tau bike conversions. 

Ghostkell conversion holding helmet.  Earth Caste Sculpts.

Earth Caste Sculpts.   3UP Scale Mechanicus model.

Dan Harden’s Impressive Riptide. 


Warhammer World Exclusive Warlord Titan Head.    Nathaniel Garro.

Nathaniel Garro.

Golden Demon Space Marine Category. 

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Exhibition Halls.

Age of Sigmar display is pretty impressive. 

A great comparison shot of FWs titans.

New Tau Battsuits were spotted in the exhibition hall. 

Tau protect their outpost from the Adepts Mechanicus forces

A Riptide is crushed by a Reaver Titan. An Imperial Knight is blown to pieces. 

A battle suit gets punched in the face. I don’t recognise this model blasting this titan from above. 

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