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I had the honour to be invited to the annual Summer Carnage days at Krems. The guys there meet about two to four times a year for having a few days of dice, miniatures and Apocalypse games of Warhammer 40,000. The following article is not a battle report or anything, just a bunch of pictoral impressions of the two large games.

On the first day there was a game of Orks versus Imperial Guard and Space Marines.

One of the nice aspects of these games is that I get to see some miniatures which I painted for some of the guys again.

The other reasons why I always enjoy visiting these games, despite the drive and only standing on the sideline, taking photos, is that these guys never put unpainted models on the table and what they paint looks pretty. Very often what you see when people post pictures of their Apocalypse games online is rows and rows of Leman Russ battle tanks or Rhinos, all just primed, Rhinos without any roof hatches, hordes of bare plastic Grey Knights and so on.

If I put in my commission painter brain, sure, great, here’s my card. As a wargamer though, the visual part is just not very sexy that way.

With the games these guys put up though, heaps of lavishly painted models of all kinds. Boyz, Stompas, Lootaz, Dakkajets. Guardsmen, Baneblades, command squads, Valkyries and so on. And they got the terrain to go along with that too.

So, the second day was the main event so to speak – Chaos (all four gods present in some form of another) versus Imperium (Imperial Guard, Imperial Fists, Minotaurs):

Remember the big guy?

This Stormblade was a bit unfortunate lateron in the game….

…his plasma reactor blew up. This new template is just insane. 😀

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

I have to say, those Thunderbolts do look rather pretty. Maybe some day I’ll get one for one of my IG armies.

You know, sometimes I miss that Warhound. Took ages to paint but it was quite a ride.

Oh yes, he’ll show up in an post soon to come.

Those Imperial Fists…This was the third year I’ve seen them on a table and they always stand out. Amazing yellow there.

So that’s it. Just a few pictures of two really nice looking games. I know, I suspiciously sound like a fan boy but I find it impressive how these guys basically play Apocalypse as intended. Very laid-back, having fun with the game, just like the designers intended. This is the great advantage of a club over pick-up games – big projects, big games, everybody’s on one level (mostly). Made me want to have a game of 40k actually. I mean if you look around the internet you often get the impression that nobody ever has fun with 40k so it’s double refreshing to see people play and enjoy the game outside of any kind of tournament context. Always a pleasure and I’m looking forward to the next game over there.