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Part 3 of the showcase concentrates on the vehicles in the army for my Iyanden Eldar. Vehicles in Eldar terminology basically means skimmers. And you can never have enough of those bad boys! More after the jump!

First up are the Wave Serpents. Long argued as the most cost effective of all the 40k transports and have gone under several rules changes over the years. The previous codex “Shield Gun” was considered one of the most broken rules in recent history, and got squished immediately under the newest iteration.

The Iyanden force I have contains just a couple of Serpents at this time, although I have 4 more in a WIP stage (admittedly in WIP for a few years…)

The rest of the Eldar skimmers come with serious guns.

The Falcon was one of the best vehicles (imo) for a long long time. Lots of weapon destroyed results needed to take it down, and today is still as tough as ever with the jink ability etc

I inherited a couple of Falcons with all the FW added parts and gave them a repaint. Those are the ones with the blue painted canopy as they came glued on already.

You can really see the difference in painting from hand painted to airbrushed versions over the years of collecting them

The bigger guns are on the Fire Prisms, here showing a new variant and 2 older ones with the metal crystal matrix

For completeness, I had to add a couple of Spinners to the force when the new plastic kit came out.

I painted the guns on these identically to the Warp Spider weapons as its the same technology.

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

Finally, the Forgeword Warp Hunter skimmers are included here as that fits them better than part 4 of the showcase. Again, over the years the rules of the guns has changed a number of times, but its still pretty damn lethal, and looks like a mini Cobra

Ii did have aspirations of having 6 of each variety of the skimmer variants. In fact I think I own the models to complete this, but other projects and a change from painting a lot of yellow ceased that progress. I am sure I will return to that concept one day. The theory behind the 6 was the original and second version of Apocalypse, where you could take formations of 6 Falcons, or Fire Prisms for example. 6 Fire Prisms could combine fire to give a Strength D blast. I think that now still exists in the new version of the Apoc rules…

The final part of the showcase contains the Forgeworld elements… stay tuned!