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Tripwire here. Another year draws to a close. Let’s see what I accomplished.

The arrival of my first child has ensured that this year’s list won’t be as extensive as last year’s, but I still managed to carve out a fair amount of hobby time. Let’s look at everything, month by month.


My Tau Sept was featured on Tale of Painters.


Finished 20 Necron Warriors and created a tutorial.

Finally finished the realm of battle to complete my custom gaming table, and repainted my hobby room.


Assembled and painted a Space Wolf drop pod as a commission, and created a tutorial.

Completed my Necron Deathmarks.

Created a second squad of Necron Immortals with Tesla carbines.

Finished my a squad of close combat terminators.

Painted a squad of Necron Tomb Blades to complete my Decurion detachment.


Stahly Patreon Banner 2024 760x100px

Created two Tyranid Venomthropes from the new plastic kit.


Built a Tyranid Neurothrope.


Completed my first Space Marine Land Raider.


Created three named Necron Characters to make a Royal Court formation.


With my grey tide nearly defeated, I returned to some older models, and retouched my Assault on Black Reach Tactical squad.

Followed by the terminators.

My Hive Fleet, Unending Maw, was featured on Tale of Painters.


I completed the new Necron Overlord model, and made a tutorial.

Finished three Tyranid Zoanthropes.

Built my second Necron Ghost Ark.


Painted a second Space Wolves drop pod on commission.

Created six Necron Lychguard to complete my 1850 point army.


Retouched my AoBR Captain.

Created a kit-bashed plastic Tau Ethereal.


How did I do on the resolutions I made last year? Let’s see;

• complete Assault Terminators COMPLETE

• complete Land Raider COMPLETE

• finish Realm of Battle tiles COMPLETE

• finish 15 Necron Warriors COMPLETE

• complete 5 Deathmarks COMPLETE

• complete 5 Immortals COMPLETE

• create Necron Royal Court COMPLETE

• build second Ghost Ark COMPLETE

• build Annihilation Barge N/A

• create Tyranid Zoanthropes COMPLETE

• build Tyranid Tyrannocyte pod INCOMPLETE

Startlingly, I accomplished almost everything on my list. I decided to sell off the Annihilation Barge kit, because it did not fit in my Decurion detachment, and I never got around to buying the tyranid drop pod. Although I’d like to drop my monsters off deep in enemy territory to create mayhem, the model is large, expensive and unwieldy.


• create custom LOS blocking terrain

• make a Space Marine Sternguard veteran squad in a Deathwatch theme

• create video tutorials and battle reports!