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Tripwire here again with another series showcase. This time we’ll explore my Hive Fleet; Unending Maw.

I was drawn to the look of Leviathan. I liked the black and purple carapaces, but didn’t care for the stark white skin, so for my splinter fleet, I shifted the tones to a more muted bone hue. I also used a bright, “toxic” green as an accent color throughout the force, as a natural compliment to the purple.

This post we’ll focus on the troop choices that make up the bulk of Unending Maw.

No swarm is complete without Termigants, and I’ve painted dozens; Fleshborers and Devourers alike. It’s mind numbing to paint the same model over and over again – and when I hit 50 last year, I swore I’d never paint another as long as I lived!

Gotta have Hormagants as well. Despite the fact that I love the poseability in the kit, I’ve painted only 20 of these, because they were so similar to the Termigants, I had reached my limit. The models are problematic on the table, as they like to tip over, but a simple penny, hot glued to the bottom of each base, has taken care of that.

Creating a swarm of gribblies would be enough work for most hobbyists, but because I am a glutton for punishment, I decided they needed a personal touch, and I heated and bent the tails of every. Single. One. It’s my understanding that they make pills for my sickness now.

I love ripper swarms. While I wish you could buy them outright, I think it’s cool that they come nested in the sprues of other kits. Having collected so many other models, I had enough to build several bases worth. Tons of character on these little guys!

What’s a swarm without synapse? I really like the Tyranid Warriors, even though these are created with the old kit, There’s a ton a poseability, and you can get really creative with a little effort. Some of the more dynamic poses are cribbed directly from other players who have shared their work online. I’m proud of the leaping warrior, but I wish I’d modeled all of them with rending claws, as the changes to scything talons make them much less effective. Oh well, it’s impossible to hedge against every change GW makes with each book.

Lastly, we have the neglected Genestealers. GW has tried to make these more relevant on the table with a few dataslate formations, but there’s no denying that they aren’t as useful as they once were. I built and painted these when they could be run as Ymgarl Genestealers. Never a fan of the finecast broodlord, I created my own from the warrior kit.

That’s it for my troops selections. Next time we’ll look at the elite slots, including Venomthropes and a Haruspex.