Today I present you my rendition of Spiteclaw’s Swarm, from Shadespire, season 1 of Warhammer Underworlds. The paint scheme is an evolution of the paint scheme I used for my now sold Fantasy Skaven army, if you remember these, I also used a lot of Contrast paints and washes to get the basecoating and shading done quickly, then layered and highlighted on top for a crisp finish. Find out more after the jump, including a complete list of paint recipes.

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I have to admit, the painting dragged on, somehow I didn’t feel that excited painting them, even though I’m very fond of the paint scheme. It felt more like ticking them off the list. Probably because I painted so many Skaven by now. Most interesting was painting the scratched armour, a technique I tried for the first time. I recorded every step for a tutorial, so stay tuned, it will hit the blog soon.

However, one thing I really like about painting Warhammer Underworlds warbands is that by adding only a handful models more, you end up with a decently sized warband for Warcry, and this is definitely I something I have in mind for Spiteclaw’s Swarm, too. However, I still haven’t painted all the models I want for my Nighthaunt warband yet, so don’t hold your breath for more Skaven yet.

Paint recipes

Models: Wraithbone Primer
Bases: Vallejo Hobby Paint Spray Panzer Grey

Basecoat: VMC Dark Grey (where the primer didn’t reach the crevices)
Wash: Basilicanum Grey
Drybrush: Mechanicus Standard Grey
Drybrush: TAP Filthy Cape
Basecoat dirt: Mechanicus Standard Grey
Drybrush: Longbeard Grey
Wash dirt: Mix of TAP Dark Tone / Strong Tone Ink 1:1
Water: Basecoat Temple Guard Blue, selective shading Akhelian Green, highlight Baharroth Blue, highlight TAP Toxic Mist
Trim: VMC Black

Skaven Skin (check out the tutorial here)
2x Wash: Mix of Darkoath Flesh / Contrast Medium 1:1
Selective Wash: Darkoath Flesh (only where needed, like between the fingers)
Layer: Ungor Flesh / Bugmans Glow 3:2 (only to smooth over areas where the wash dried unevenly)
Highlight: Kislev Flesh (only where needed)
Highlight: Flayed One Flesh
2x Glaze: Volupus Pink / Contrast Medium 1:1 (only tail and nose)

Wash: Volupus Pink
Highlight: TAP Scar Tissue

Mouth & Teeth
Basecoat Mouth: Doombull Brown
Basecoat Teeth: P3 Trollblood Highlight
Layer Teeth: RMS Polished Bone
Highlight Teeth: VMC White

Basecoat: Wazdakka Red
Wash: Volupus Pink
Layer: Wazdakka Red
Highlight: Pink Horror
Highlight: TAP Scar Tissue

Blackish Brown Fur
Wash: Wyldwood
Wash: Wyldwood / Contrast Medium 1:1
Wash: Basilicanum Grey
Layer: P3 Umbral Umber / VMC Black (only to smooth over areas where the wash dried unevenly)
Highlight: P3 Battlefield Brown
Highlight: Gorthor Brown (only where needed)
Highlight: P3 Beast Hide

Reddish Brown Fur
Wash: Cygor Brown
Layer: Rhinox Hide / VMC Black (only to smooth over areas where the wash dried unevenly)
Highlight: Rhinox Hide
Highlight: Bloodreaver Flesh (only where needed)
Highlight: Knight-Questor Flesh

Pale Green Clothes
Basecoat: TAP Scaly Green
Wash: Biel-Tan Green
Selective Wash: Ork Flesh
Layer: Skarsnik Green / TAP Goblin Green 2:1 (only to smooth over areas where the wash dried unevenly)
Highlight: TAP Scaly Green
Highlight: Deepkin Flesh

Petrol Clothes
Basecoat: Thunderhawk Blue
Wash: TAP Dark Tone Ink / Lahmian Medium 2:1
Layer: Thunderhawk Blue / VMC Black 5:1 (only to smooth over areas where the wash dried unevenly)
Highlight: Thunderhawk Blue
Highlight: VMC Dark Blue Pale

Black leather straps, claws, and stitches
Wash: Black Templar
Wash: Basilicanum Grey
Highlight: Skavenblight Dinge (only where needed)
Highlight: P3 Trollblood Flesh

Scratchy Armour
Basecoat: P3 Coal Black
Wash: Basilicanum Grey / Contrast Medium 1:1
Highlight: Sons of Horus Green
Highlight: Ionrach Skin

Basecoat: Steel Legion Drab
Wash: Agrax Earthshade
Layer: Steel Legion Drab / P3 Battlefield Brown 2:1 (only to smooth over areas where the wash dried unevenly)
Drybrush: P3 Beast Hide
Highlight: P3 Beast Hide

Oily Steel
Basecoat: S75 Thrash Metal
Wash: TAP Dark Tone Ink / Nuln Oil Gloss 1:1
Wash: Agrax Earthshade / Agrax Earthshade Gloss 1:1

Tarnished Bronze
Basecoat: Brass Scorpion
Wash: Agrax Earthshade / Agrax Earthshade Gloss 1:1
Selective Wash: TAP Wizards Orb / Contrast Medium 1:2
Highlight: GSW Gladius Bronze

Basecoat: Corax White
Wash: P3 Armor Wash / Contrast Medium 1:2
Layer: Corax White / Skavenblight Dinge 2:1 (only to smooth over areas where the wash dried unevenly)
Highlight: Corax White

Abbreviations: OOP = old Citadel paint range (out of production), VGC = Vallejo Game Color, VMC = Vallejo Model Color, VMechaC = Vallejo Mecha Color, P3 = Privateer Press Formula P3, TAP = The Army Painter Warpaints, RMS = Reaper Master Series, GSW = Greenstuff World, S75 = Scale 75 Scale Color

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Hope you enjoyed this showcase and painting guide, and don’t forget to check out my corresponding Skaven skin tutorial as well.


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