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Hi everyone, today’s post sees the final in a series of posts featuring my Seraphon collection. What better way to end the showcase than with the biggest model in the collection, my Dread Saurian! Click to see more photos after the jump!

This is the final part, part 8, of my showcase series of my Seraphon collection! You can see the other parts here; onetwothreefourfivesix, seven.

I’ve really loved showcasing all of my Seraphon collection with you, I hope you have enjoyed reading the posts! My Seraphon collection was a project I really loved and I feel my painting skills improved a lot during painting it, and I feel this was evident at the end in my confidence in painting the Dread Saurian.

As I was approaching the end of painting my massive Seraphon collection, I knew I had to buy Forgeworld’s Dread Saurian to truly finish off the collection. Wow, what a beautiful model it truly is, it is truly worth every penny. At first I was so daunted painting such a massive and expensive model, but I just went for it and I was so happy with how it came out, I feel he looks great with the rest of my collection, and I’ve had a lot of positive comments about him. The model also looks suitably terrifying towering over the rest of my army.

Like my Carnosaur and Troglodon, I decided to go with the orange stripes and the bright metallic armour as seen across the rest of the collection. He also has the bright green menacing eyes.

To finish off the model I decided to add some UHU glue to his teeth to look like saliva, to give him that extra attention to detail.

With that, this concludes my showcase of my Seraphon collection, I hope you have enjoyed the photos. It truly was a really fun project and I loved every minute, and who knows I may decide to come back to painting more at some point in the future! As I mentioned previously, you can see my Seraphon collection featured in White Dwarf Issue 104 and Warhammer Visions Issue 26! Thank you for reading, and I hope you have enjoyed these showcase posts! 🙂