Hi folks, Colin a.k.a. Technasma here! I’ve journeyed through the Realmgates to make my debut on Tale of Painters, a site that has inspired me for many years! Today I’ve brought a host of Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch to share with you.

I’ve been collecting Warriors of Chaos for several years, and the first unit I built was the Warriors. Despite being comparatively ancient sculpts, I still love these miniatures. Each Warrior inscrutable under their horned helms, marching in lock-step behind towering runeshields; an inevitable force ruin and devastation. I converted the command group to make them even more imposing.

Thundering up the flanks of my army is the epic Chaos Chariot. I love the bold, brutal lines of this model. At the time I painted this before Age of Sigmar came along I hadn’t foreseen the new stylistic direction Chaos was going and so I replaced the Charioteer’s head to link him visually with my Chaos Warriors.

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With the army’s dedication to Tzeentch in mind I decided on a very limited palette with lots of blue tones. I used cold, desaturated colours for the shields, cloaks and barding with Vallejo Field Blue, built up over a Kantor Blue basecoat. After a bit of experimentation I used Vallejo Bronze to add some warmth to the palette for the armour metallics. After basecoating I did a global wash of Drakkenhoff Nightshade to give a blue cast to each model and an ethereal, wintery aura.

To denote the command models I opted for a splash colour of magenta – another colour typically associated with Tzeentch. I used layers and glazes of Screamer Pink and Pink Horror over a Naggaroth Nightshade basecoat.

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I used freehand painted runes on the banners to tie together the separate units of the army. I used blasphemous symbols inspired by runes found on the various Warriors of Chaos kits to convey the fickle aura of sorcery surrounding those that bear the Mark of Tzeentch.

I hope you enjoyed my miniatures and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments. I hope to be back on Tale of Painters soon with more Tzeentch models, but until then you can catch me on my blog over at Technasma.com or my Instagram and Twitter.

Until next time, may the Dark Gods favour your dice rolls!