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Hey folks, Uruk again with some more Dark Eldar goodies! Click the button to see what’s inside.

Today I’m showing just a small fraction of stuff I’ve already finished for my Dark Eldar Kabal,

but I simply don’t have enough time to shot everything at once. Let’s start with the greatest and

most famous gladiatrix in Commorragh – Lelith Hesperax.

Among the whole Dark Eldar range, Lelith is one of the few models I can’t get enough of.

Her sculpt is simply amazing. Great proportions, flow and balance makes her a true eye candy

(also “that ass”, obviously). I spent a generous amount of time thinking if I should paint her

in my Pallid Sun Kabal color scheme or stick to the original black of Cult of Strife. In the end,

I decided to go with white, since she’s serves whoever pays the most anyway.

Next up, we’ve got first half of a Wych unit (the other four are in progress right now). Originally

I had 30 wyches in the force I bought from my friend, but since my goal was to play a Kabal and not

a Wych Cult, I sold the rest, leaving only a small amount of bits, just enough to fully arm the unit

with special weapons – 3 pairs of Hydra Gauntlets and Agonizer for the Hekatrix. For now, there’s only one “specialist girl” painted, but it should be enough to give you a glimpse of how they would look at full strength.

That’s it for today guys, hope you like it! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or critiques, I always appreciate your thoughts. See you soon!