When I took an army shot of my Ultramarines lately, I also took the chance and photographed my Blood Angels, supported by a Knight Questoris from House Raven and a Culexus Assassin, as well. I painted this collection around 2015 and 2016 and I plan to expand it someday with more divImperial forces.

Here are a couple of my favourite models. You might notice the heavy use of Forge World Heresy era bits. As I already own a sizeable Ultramarines army, I wanted a different flavour for my Blood Angels. I imagine this army could date from around the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, where Contemptor Dreadnoughts and older armour marks were still very present.

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You can find more pictures of my Blood Angels here.

The Knight was painted to match the shade of red on my Blood Angels, but I also made sure to add a couple of light bone areas, in case I ever get around to paint some Skitarii of Metallica, who wear coats in a light bone colour.

Last but not least, the Culexus Assasin. A pretty fun model to paint with a great menacing pose.

At the moment I’m pretty busy with all sorts of other projects, but I’d like to expand this collection to create a big “soup” of various Imperial forces. I could see Astra Militarum, an Inquisitor warband, and maybe even Sisters of Battle if the new plastic models are ready. I imagine it could shape up to represent the rag-tag remains of a long campaign.

What do you think of my Blood Angels? Show your reaction or leave a comment below!


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