Today’s showcase post features my finished Dark Angel Heavy Intercessors but that’s not all, I also share a group shot of all my Primaris marines wearing Gravis armour. The photos don’t stop there though, as I also have a couple of pictures of all the models from the Pariah Nexus to share. Yep, that’s right I’ve finished all the models in the set.

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On Saturday you might have seen my How to Paint Dark Angels tutorial post on this site. It’s an easy to follow, 33 step tutorial that covers how I painted these Heavy Intercessors. The guide works for any Dark Angel infantry and even Dreadnoughts and Warsuits. I used the glazing technique on my Invictor Warsuit.

Heavy Intercessors are currently only available as part of the Killteam Pariah Nexus expansion (review here). The Warhammer Community blog recently said they will be released separately in May 2021 but no mention of price. I have a bit of a theory that this box set might be £50, my reasoning is Aggressors and Inceptors are Gravis armoured and those are £30 for 3 models each, so at £10 each £50 for 5 Heavy Intercessors doesn’t sound that crazy. If my prediction is true, it will make the Pariah Nexus set seem better value for money.

The Heavy Intercessor sprue allows you to build 5 models armed with either Executor Bolt Rifles, Hellstorm Bolt Rifles or the Heavy Bolt Rifle. You can also upgrade one model to be a Sergeant and another model be upgraded to be a Heavy Intercessor Gunner armed with either Executor Heavy Bolter, Hellstorm Heavy Bolter and Heavy Bolter. Pretty nice to be able to tailor the unit to either deal with armour or hordes. I went for Executor rounds to get that longer range and more damage.

The Primaris Space Marine range has a few Gravis units now. Here’s mine. Starting at the back, left to right we have Flamestorm Aggressors, Assault Bolter Inceptors, Melta Rifle Eradicators. Then the front row is Captain in Gravis Armour, Captain with Master-crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle and finally the Heavy Intercessors. This little force goals 760pts. Not too bad.

The Heavy Intercessors were the last models from pariah Nexus that I had to paint. Feels pretty good adding all these models to my Dark Angels and Necron armies. Nice to see the armies grow a bit.

I painted up a handful of the terrain pieces in the Pariah Nexus expansion and you can see them here. I even wrote a tutorial. I can’t see myself painting the rest of the terrain. it’s all basecoated in a brass colour and that’ll be good enough to game with so I’m calling this set finished and it’s time to get back to my Daemons, well, until Cursed City or Be’lakor drops at least.

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