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Hey there, I am Jörg, and I got the chance to show some of my models, hope you will enjoy my first post on Tale of Painters! Today I got a variety of Orruk troops to share – Bonesplitterz, Ironjawz and Greenskinz. Check them out after the jump.

I have been painting Orcs for Fantasy for more than 20 years, but most of the time, I drybrushed them quite quickly. For Age of Sigmar, I built up a new Bonesplitter force with cleaner layering techniques. As you can see, they got a dark skin tone to contrast with their white war paint.

Thanks to the great deals GW introduced with the Start Collecting boxes, I also started to paint small Ironjawz and Greenskinz forces.

The Ironjawz got a medium bright skin.When I was done with them, Warhammer TV just released a short video for painting really pale Orruk skin (Death World Forest, Biel-Tan Green, Orgryn Camo, Krieg Khaki).

I wanted to try out this recipe and introduce some new hues, so I decided to use it for my Greenskinz from the Start Collecting box.

I began with a first test batch of 5 Orruks on foot. In the past, my Orks often tended to be a bit muted and dark, with black and brown for the clothes, and rusty metal armour. I converted some older models to round bases to build up my army faster, so I stayed mostly true to the original scheme. I feel that the dark clothes contrast nicely with the pale skin.

I also wanted to introduce a spot colour so that the models would pop nicely on the battlefield. For my Ironjawz (and my Deathrattle army before) I had worked out a nice combination of red layer paints (Mephisto Red, Nuln Oil, Wazdakka Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet and Trollslayer Orange), so I used the same recipe for the Greenskinz.

6th Edition plastic kits did not look so amazing with the often plain paint jobs GW used to have back then, but putting them on round bases and adding some bold colours will bring their true inner beauty (or anger) to life! As Greenskinz did not receive as much attention as Bonesplitterz or especially Ironjawz, I wanted to make Greenskinz great again!

Greenskins and Ironjawz work together quite well in mixed Orruk armies, so I used red as the common spot colour across my collection to form a Grand Orruk Waaagh!

The weapons should look quite used, so I painted Nihilakh Oxide in the recesses of the bronze, washed the steel with Agrax Earthshade, and addeda rust effect with thinned Skrag Brown. Stormhost Silver was only applied to the edges of the metal.

The shields were painted in wooden colours and drybrushed with red and white afterwards, to represent how sloppy Orruks paint their shields.

I painted the command group for the second batch. The Greenskinz are able to carry two different types of banners and I always like the mixed look. The more, the merrier!

The Banner received just a simple symbol inspired by the 4th Edition army book. I am quite bad at painting freehand but I expect a real Orruk to do so as well 😉

The Skull Icon got my usual treatment for skulls and bones (Zandri Dust, Agrax Earthshade, Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skulls) and it looks quite Orruk-like to carry such symbol around. Of course, it never convinced any of my Greenskinz to not run away from battleshock so far, but maybe I just did not believe strong enough.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, next up are boar riders. How do you like them? Tell me in the comments and find me on Twitter and Instagram.