In today’s post I share my completed Obliterator Squad, share the details of the my Get a Grip Spring Sale and take a recap of all the models I’ve painted in the first quarter of 2021.

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Kaboom! I love this picture I took. Obliterators are walking, mutated, weapons platforms. A conglomeration of ceramite, daemon flesh and archaic weaponry. I just had to bust out the cotton wool for a dynamic action shot of them walking away from the explosion. Cue Bad Boys soundtrack.

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OK, back to the Obliterators. These guys are big and they’re mounted on 50mm bases (luckily my Get a Grips hold a 50mm base, unlike the GW painting handle). They’re bristling with offensive weaponry and each of the two sculpts are completely different. They’re so detailed I had to paint them individually and treat them like characters.

The number one question I get asked about these on social media is how did I do the exposed flesh. It’s actually in my old tutorial (steps 8-12 here) The only difference is instead of area highlighting the Pink Horror and White, I paint parallel lines to look like muscle fibres.

Seeing as we’re now in April, I thought I’d show all the models I painted in the first quarter of 22. January saw a couple of Tau, a Blood Angel Librarian, some Black Templars and a test base of Nurglings.

All the models I painted during January.

During February I ditched the the Tau and Blood Angels and instead painted a single Necron I needed to complete a squad. I also painted a couple of Dark Hellblasters and a couple of models for my Black Templars. I also returned to my Black Legion and started painting my Nurgle Warcry Warband.

All the models I painted during February.

March saw me settle into some factions and I finished the last of the Dark Angel Hellblasters and Black Templar Assault Templars. I also finished the Greater possessed and Obliterators for my Black Legion. The Nurgle Warband continued with 5 more Plague Bearers and I started a new project, the Sepulchral Guard that I can use in Underworlds and add to my Soulblight Graveyards army.

All the models I painted during March.

I’m looking forward to the next quarter. If I can continue to add a few squads to several armies over the next 3 months I’ll be happy.

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