Garfy’s Get-a-Grip is back and it’s better than ever! Video Demo and details after the jump. 

I’m back with a revised Painting Handle design! I’ve spent a bit of time perfecting this and trialling it and sending out a few to people to try and the feedback has been great. 

This revised design features tough rubber o-rings that allow the two halves to clamp shut. No fiddly screws and bolts anymore. As you can see in the video it’s super fast to switch out models now. 

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

This design still features the ergonomic dimples giving you a comfortable grip on the handle. 

You can also still hold base sizes 50mm, 40mm, 32mm and 25mm as well as any model with a pin drilled into it using the cork in the base. 

Limited number available on eBay now.  (New Updated version September 2018)

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You can still download the original MKI Get-a-Grip on Thingiverse for free. Link here. Of course you still have the tried and tested blu-tac a model to an old flat-topped paint lid if low-tech cost effective is your thing. Then there is the Citadel Painting Handle, which is great value at half the price of mine. Plenty of choice. 


Here’s some screen captures of the feedback I’ve received so far. 

Right! I really need to get back to painting miniatures.  

Garfy's Get a Grip - now available on ebay

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