Stealthy Lictors are emerging from the shadows for the first time in plastic. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the Lictor, Neurolictor, and Deathleaper models, exploring their design, versatility, and what they bring to the Tyranids army. Let’s dive into a world of stealth and terror.

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Tyranids Deathleaper, Neurolictor, and Lictor unboxing and review
These items were kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

The new Tyranid models will be available for preorder starting Saturday, September 2, 2023, and go on sale one week after.

In this post, we’ll cover the Lictor, Neurolictor, and Death Leaper. Make sure to check out part 1 of our Tyranids review, featuring Norn Emissary / Norn Assimilator, the new Biovore / Pyrovore, the new Hormagaunts, and new Genestealers.

Lictor review

The new plastic Lictor kit, which has been slightly upscaled compared to its previous Metal/Finecast version, has two small sprues and a 50mm base. This model is an impressive piece of miniature design. Firstly, the Lictor can be assembled in one of three poses, either standing upright or one of two lurking poses. Thanks to its modular design, the two large scything talons can be built either fully extended, partially extended, or folded together. The shoulder joints can also be positioned in different ways. Additionally, there are two different heads and two left and two right arms.

Tyranids Lictor posing options review
Lictor posing options © Copyright Games Workshop Limited, used without permission

This fantastic kit, however, is marred by the price, which is high at £30, especially since the build options encourage adding multiple Lictors to the collection.

Tyranids plastic Lictor sprues
Plastic Lictor sprues

Neuolictor review

This new Lictor strain features exposed brain matter like other Tyranid organisms of the Neuro-type and can sow terror and confusion with its psionic powers. There isn’t much to report about the model – the Neurolictor is a monopose model without additional bitz or posing options and comes on a small sprue and a 50mm base. In terms of size, it’s slightly smaller than the new Lictor.

Tyranids Neurolictor review
Tyranids Neurolictor sprue

Deathleaper review

Of all the new Tyranid models, the Deathleaper is perhaps my favorite. Like the Neurolictor, it’s a monopose model without additional build options. The model is spread across three small sprues. Despite its slightly larger base size of 60mm, the body size is similar to the regular Lictor. But thanks to the scenic base and the tentacle apron, the Deathleaper appears bulkier visually.


As I mentioned in the first part of my Tyranids review, the new Tyranid kits are on the expensive side considering the amount of plastic and model sizes you get. I find the Neurolictor and Deathleaper pricing acceptable, especially since you might only want one of each in your army, but the Lictor is quite pricey. It would have been great to see two or three models in a box, similar to the Zoanthropes.

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  • The Lictor is one of the most modular Tyranids kits ever
  • Amazing reimagination of the Deathleaper strain
  • New Lictor variant with the Neurolictor


  • Overall high prices, especially for the Lictor

Final Verdict

Tyranid collectors have waited many years for a plastic Lictor, and now we get not one, but three models. All of them are excellently designed, especially the Lictor amazes with its modular build, which allows a multitude of varied poses. It's just a pity that it is quite expensive as a single model and not released in a box of three.