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Hi there, Rich here to share a few pictures of my growing Ultramarines force. As you can see it is a “second edition inspired” army. It is actually a collection of figures from late Rogue Trader through to early 3rd edition with a couple of exceptions. I collect old White Dwarfs from that era and was inspired to paint my own (not least by Garfy’s 2nd edition marines too).

The project started a year ago, I had no intention of making an army out of it, I just picked up this metal and plastic tactical squad to paint up over the Christmas break of 2016.

However over the course of 2017 I picked up different units here and there and painted them in this colour scheme. I really like the juxtaposition of the ultramarine blue and the bright orange/red.

The scout squad was a lot of fun to paint, there is just so much detail on these models, they are lovely. It is also helpful that the snipers and heavy bolder are very effective in the current edition rules. These models aren’t just a painting project, I play with them in games too!

You’ll probably have noticed a couple of exceptions to my rule of old miniatures in this force, notably Guilliman who I painted for the Gathering Storm campaign and this Land Raider Proteus. The proteus is a lovely Forge World kit which has clearly drawn on heavily from the design of the original Rogue Trader Land Raider.

Finally we have the heroes, from left to right a Techmarine, Imperial Assassin, Marneus Calgar, Tigurius, an Imperial Psyker and an Apothecary. I always really enjoy painting heroes and like many other army painters, I like to break up painting rank and file troops with a hero or two. That’s it from me for today thanks for taking a look, I hope you enjoy my nostalgic take on Ultramarines and I hope to be back soon with more units to share with you.