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It feels like ages since I have had the opportunity to post a showcase and man it feels good. I have been working (and still am) on the Dwarf Longbeards for months now. This project was a welcome respite from the stunties and I used the opportunity to test a new way of doing warpstone.

Probably the best part of painting Skaven is the freedom and encouraged sloppiness. I was gleefully drybrushing, stippling and using excessive amounts of washes and it only adds to the model.

For the warpstone I went a completely different route than I did on all my previous Skaven models and am much happier with it. Rather than base coat dark and do incremental edge highlighting for hours I base coated it white and used washes of just two colors to complete it all in a fraction of the time. If you want to give it a try yourself pick up some Golden High Flow Acrylics: Green Gold and Sap Green Hue.

I was asked on my WIP how I did the wood so here that is:

Base Coat: Steel Drab Legion

Heavy Dry Brush: Karak Stone

Light Dry Brush: Screaming Skull

Wash: Agrax Earthshade


Thanks all and happy painting!