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Have I mentioned how much I love Shadespire! The easy-to-assemble push fit minis are great. You only have to paint the warband, not a whole army so getting that buzz from completing a project is quick and easy to achieve and there’s no sense of dread looking at an army of grey plastic.

After the jump I show you some more pics of the Boyz, as well as my other two warbands. 

I used my Ork tutorial for the skin and metals for Ironskull’s Boyz. I wanted a dark grey armour which would serve as a dark base colour to make the orange armour parts really stand out. I choose reddy orange as it’s the complimentary colour to green. I kept cloth fabrics dark with some blue highlighting which also compliments the reddy orange tones.

Gurzag the leader benefits from a cream coloured piece fur. This is one of the lightest colours used in the scheme and it’s purely a status symbol. Really highlights him as something special.

The whole war band had Rhinox Hide and Ironbreaker stippled onto the armour to represent damage and chipping.

I like the way I’ve painted the Orruks. They’re a dirty, gritty parody of my Stormcast Eternals. The tones are darker, the weapons are rusty, the armour is chipped and damaged. I think as a collection they look pretty cool.

The Bloodbound were feeling left out so I’ve added them to the picture above. Really happy with how my Shadespire collection is growing.

Ironskull’s Boyz

Steelheart’s Champions

Garrek’s Reavers

So what’s next? Well I’ve bought Spiteclaw’s Swarm. So I guess they’re next. 

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