Wow, this model was such a slog to paint! Those spines sprouting from his back are covered in tiny, intricate details. Be sure to check out the pictures after the jump where you can see close ups all the way round the model. 

One of the challenges to painting all those vials was making sure all the liquids had the same flat plane and were level. I had to keep putting the mini down and looking at it to make sure they were all flat. 

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I thought about adding different colours to some of the vials, but it’s so busy already I thought it would just be confusing to see red liquids as well. 

I really like this model. His spines look like wings and his needle injector on his helmet gives him a really cool insectoid vibe. For the amount of model and sculpted detail this is a bargain at £15 RRP. Even better that I only paid £7.99 with the Conquest subscription. 

That completes Conquest issue 15. The next magazine is interesting. I’ll be painting an Inceptor, two Intercessors and two Hellblasters. It feels weird batch painting 5 models from three different squads. 

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