It has not been long since Shadowspear dropped, so I left the Precipice to venture to Vigilis and see what all the fuss was about, and look what I came back with! My first finished Shadowspear model.

As soon as I laid eyes on the new Master of Possession from the ShadowSpear box set, I knew my legion of choice would be Word Bearers. All those flames and skulls just spoke to my soul…hmm I should probably get that checked out.

Traditionally Word Bearers have gun metal trim, but I couldn’t help but take it way down to black to make the trim stand out more and contrast the red better. The cover art of the Word Bearers Omnibus was a massive inspiration to this paint scheme, so I am sticking to a very limited palette and darkening everything way down.

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I have cut loads of corners on this paint job, I know I need to crank them out and get them table top ready for my upcoming Shadow Spear campaign with Garfy so I scrimped on doing the freehand skull on top of the flame. I might add this in later, I might not. Kind of like the idea of an own-brew Word Bearers themed Legion called the…something something flame. (Any recommendations gratefully appreciated as ironically, I don’t word that good.)

Can’t wait to get stuck into an Obliterator, or a Greater Possed, but I think I need to stick with painting the Marines first so I can practice and improve the quick wet-blends.

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the Word Bearer Legion, expect more from Vigilus coming soon.

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