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Last week we we had an in-depth review of The Army Painter’s Hobby Tool set. Today we take a look at their Precision Sidecutter, Plastic Frame Cutter and Tweezers Set, which are great for expanding the Hobby Tool Set or your tool collection in general.

Precision Sidecutter (2019)

Made from stainless steel with an ergonomic safety grip handle, the Precision Side Cutter rocks an eye-pleasing black and red paint scheme with The Army Painter logo. The grip lies well in your hand, the ends are thin and sharp. The build quality is very good and easily worth the 9.99 Euro RRP.

The Precision Sidecutter is perfect for cutting metal miniatures or large bits of resin, but I found it works very well for cutting plastic or removing parts from plastic sprues, too.

Plastic Frame Cutter (2019)

The angled blade of this specialized cutter is ideal for trimming and converting plastic models and miniatures. Softer resin might be fine, too, but I wouldn’t use it on metal or brass to prevent damaging the blade. The spring-loaded mechanism feels satisfying and precise when removing plastic parts from sprues. The RRP of 8.99 Euro is fair.

Citadel’s current generation of plastic frame cutter has slightly thinner and more pointed ends, as did their plastic cutter from their former tool range, but I hadn’t problems with The Army Painter’s Plastic Frame Cutter even with the packed sprues of today, like the Genestealer Cults’ Hybrids kit. Considering GW’s cutter is a whopping 26 Euro, The Army Painter’s offering is totally adequate.

From left to right: The Army Painter Precision Sider Cutter, old Citadel Plastic Side Cutter, The Army Painter Plastic Frame Cutter

Between the Precision Sidecutter and Plastic Frame Cutter I prefer the Precision Sidecutter for the thinner tip and more ergonomic grip, but you can’t go wrong with either.

Tweezers Set (2019)

I really love the design of these tweezers. The colour-code of black and red not only looks pretty fancy, but it also makes it easier to tell them apart. The red one has a flat tip like most cosmetic tweezers have, while the black one has a pointed tip for maximum precision. Tweezers are essential tools for glueing small parts or applying transfer sheets.


The Army Painter’s tool range brings decent quality at a decent price range and makes a budget-friendly and often a more functional alternative to Games Workshop’s counterparts.

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