Here comes an epic scale comparison of the new Terminator models from the Leviathan launch box for 10th edition of Warhammer 40.000. I included over 20 models from my collection, from 2nd Edition to Horus Heresy Terminators, Firstborn and Primaris Space Marines, Cadians, Skitarii, and more.

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Leviathan Terminators scale comparison

I have the new models in hand, and in this video, I compare them to Terminator models from all previous generations, from 2nd Edition to the Horus Heresy to today, as well as many other Space Marine models from my collection:

Now if you hold the old and new models side by side, you notice that the helmet on the Leviathan Terminator has actually become minimally smaller, which makes the body look even bigger. The shoulder pads are actually the same size, so older shoulder pads from the Dark Angels or Blood Angels Terminator sets match size-wise. But keep in mind that the shoulder pads on the Leviathan Terminators are moulded to the arms and not separate.

For reference, I made a few more scale comparisons with Horus Heresy MkVI beakie Marines and multiple other Firstborn armour marks, as well as old and new Cadians and other human-sized models.

Leviathan Terminators unboxing

Leviathan Space Marine Terminators sprues
Leviathan Space Marine Terminators sprues

For those wondering, the Leviathan Terminators are easy to build push-fit models. They are monopose, so aren’t posable, and only come with the loadout you see on all the promo pictures, which means assault cannon only. There is an alternate bare head for the Sergeant though. Hopefully, there’ll be a multipart kit with more weapons and close combat options down the road.

You can find high-res pictures of all of the models in Leviathan plus a peek at the contents of the Leviathan book here in our unboxing post:

Painting the new Terminators

Blood Angels Terminator from Leviathan painted by Garfy, WIP
Blood Angels Terminator from Leviathan painted by Garfy, WIP

Garfy loves the new Terminators, and has already started to painting them in his awesome 2nd Edition inspired Blood Angels scheme (you can find a tutorial here). Over the next few weeks you’ll find more painted models from the Leviathan launch box of Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition here, as well as tutorials, so bookmark Tale of Painters if you haven’t already.

Let me know your opinion about the new Terminators in the comments. Finally true scale scale Terminators, or do you think Games Workshop has gone over the top? And which classic Firstborn models might get revamped in Primaris scale next? Let me know in the comments below, or head over to our friendly Discord server to discuss the new Leviathan box set.