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If you’ve been following #TaleofTuesdays, you’ll know that every month we all paint half a warband so at the end of the 4 months we have two completed warbands fully painted. I got carried away this month and I’ve finished my Night Haunts completely in month 3, oops! After the jump find out what my self-imposed forfeit for finishing early is.  

Firstly let’s deal with the spectral elephant in the room. Yes, my warband is based on Skeletor the 1980’s Master of the Universe toy I owned as a child (and now as an adult). Don’t you think he makes a great Nagash? 

Before we get on to my forfeit, I wanted to share my Skeletor paint recipes with you.

Blue skin/spectral form: Over a white undercoat, paint the spectral form and arms completely with Lothern Blue. Then mix equal parts Contrast Talassar Blue with Lahmian Medium and apply all over. Apply a second coat but concentrate on the recesses. All the models to dry upside down. Highlight the raised areas and the bottom of the tattered edges with thinned Hoeth Blue. Further highlight these areas with Fenrisian Grey. Final edge highlights are done with Celestra Grey

Purple Hoods: Paint the hoods and skulls completely with Xereus Purple. This might require two coats over a white undercoat. Mix a small amount of Contrast Medium with Contrast Shyish Purple and paint all over. Once dry give it a second coat but just in the recesses. Highlight the raised areas with Xereus Purple. Final edge highlights are Kakophane Purple.  

Yellow Skulls: The skulls should be based coated Xereus Purple from the previous step. Paint the skull with Moot Green, making sure you leave purple shading in the eye and nose socket and between the teeth. Then use Flash Gitz Yellow to paint over the green layer leaving a little green showing around the edges. This might take two coats of yellow. Paint Evil Sunz Scarlett dots into the eye sockets. 

Finishing my Night Haunt also means I finished painting the Underworlds Night Vault boxed game.

Ok, so my forfeit for finishing a month early will be I have to paint a third warband! I’ve had Spiteclaw’s Swarm part assembled on my desk for a year and it would be great to throw some paint on these skittering, scheming Skaven. So check back in a month to see if I can finish them in time. 

Check back next Tuesday to see Spaceshrimp’s warband. Don’t forget if you want to paint along with us, make sure you use the following hashtags on social media platforms (twitter, Instagram or facebook). 

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Make sure your account is public (in case of facebook, set your #taleoftuesdays posts to public).

We’ll round up all your posts and share them at the end of each month. From all of your warbands that were painted during Tale of Tuesdays, we pick our favourite warband to win a Wayland Games or Element Games voucher for an Underworld warband box of your choice so you can start painting another warband right away.

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