Hello everybody, Uruk here with another guest post. Today we’re looking at some of the newest additions to my Dark Eldar Kabal – Drazhar and Incubi from Blood of the Phoenix box set.

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Some time has passed since the release of the Blood of the Phoenix box and those models have been sitting on my shelf painted, so it’s finally time to showcase them. First off, the new Incubi sculpts. I love those guys, and I’m very grateful to GW for sticking to the well-established look of them and only updating the material – they look pretty much identical to the classic metal Incubi from 2011, but now with extra poseability options, more heads and finally a pair (even two pairs) of demiklaives wielding arms.

And secondly, Drazhar, the Master of Blades. This one I’m not that warm about and let me tell you why. As the codex states, Drazar is supposed to be wearing an ancient and ornate suit of Incubus armour, unlike any other (you know whose armour fits this description? Visarch’s) and yet the new model wears the exact same armour as the regular Incubi, the only thing that sets him apart is the giant base, which I’m not a huge fan of either. Overall the sculpt is fine, but it definitely doesn’t shout “ancient and ornate”, it’s just like any other.

For comparison, here’s Drazhar next to my own conversion of him I made a few years ago, using Visarch as base.

Anyway, that’s a litte rant over, and I hope you enjoy the pictures! See you next time and make sure to leave a comment or reaction below!