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Friday is ToP Tip time. Today I’ll share three “hacks” to achieve better bonds with superglue. No more broken arms or frustrating pinning attempts on your resin, Finecast and metal models, if you heed my advice. Find out more after the jump.

1. Use Gorilla superglue (in 3g tubes)

Cyanoacrylate is an acrylic resin that hardens almost instantly when it comes in contact with the humidity of the air. Unlike plastic glue, which melts both pieces together, superglue is brittle once hardened and will break easily under mechanical force. Gorilla Superglue has a special “impact-tough” formula that adds rubber-like properties that will increase the resistance to mechanical force like drops and bumps. I tried a few other brands, and I found Gorilla superglue is miles above what you can find in your hobby store. Another superglue tip: Always buy the smallest size. Gorilla superglue is available in a double pack with two small 3g tubes. Superglue will inevitably dry up in its tube, so the smaller the package size, the less goes to waste.

2. Increase the surface area

Superglue works best when it can run into nooks and crannies. Roughen up both contact points by adding some dents or cuts with your hobby knife. The combination of Gorilla glue and increased surface area will securely bond smaller resin, Finecast, and metal components and withstand a knock over or two, without the need to pin.

3. Use an activator to create even faster bonds

Superglue requires water to set. Since almost every object has at least tiny amounts of moisture on its surface, superglue is suitable for bonding almost everything – including skin. There are several superglue activator sprays or applicators available, for example from The Army Painter. These will create the perfect level of chemical humidity for superglue so it will set almost instantly.

Hope you found my advice on superglue helpful for your hobby endeavors. What are your favourite glue brands? Tell us in the comments and if you got any ideas or questions for future ToP tips, submit them below.

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