I’ve prayed to the machine spirit of my Youtube account and recounted a litany of reviewing which means I’m able to share a flick-thru review of White Dwarf issue 460. In the video, I’ll go through page by page to see what I like and what I don’t and share my opinion.

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Here’s some additional information on January 2021’s magazine.


This issue feature 22 articles to read. 8 are Warhammer 40,000 based. 7 are Age of Sigmar. The rest are Letters page, Underworlds, Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus and Black Library. The 40k content is mainly Index Astartes Emperor’s Spears and Flash Point Charadon Campaign. Tale of 4 Warlords and Damien Pedley’s Death watch army showcase make up the other 40k articles. All of the Age of Sigmar content is Sons of Behemat. Even the Worlds of Warhammer article is about God Beasts. Underworlds content is about the new Dire Chasm season. Bloodbowl is a back and forth commentary between Jim and Bob. Adeptus Titanticus is a tactica. Black Library section is an interview with David Guymer and there is also the first part of a new tale from David called Chronicles of the Wanderer: Mother of Fire.

Fun Factor

This issue is pretty fun with content you can do such as an Emperor’s Spears Pain Splatter, bespoke rules for Emperor’s Spears, Chromyd Sector campaign rules, Mega Gargant Mega Brawl, an AoS Battle Plan you can play. the Blood Bowl article is a good read too (but lacking miniatures). The letters page is always fun too. Tale of Four Warlords is a fan favourite and makes a welcome return.


White Dwarf Magazine costs £5.99 / €8 / $9(USD), a 12 month subscription costs £60 / €80 / $90 (USD). Value is subjective but for me the magazine has plenty to read and keep coming back to throughout the month which I think makes it value for money.

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  • Index Astartes written by Aaron Bembski Bowden
  • Tale of Four Warlords Returns
  • Damien Pedley's Deathwatch showcase is breath taking
  • Designer Notes on Mega Gargant


  • Flashpoint has no painted models

Final Verdict

The White Dwarf team and Games Workshop Studios continue to deliver a monthly magazine through a global pandemic and all the challenges that come with it, including working from home, no events like golden demon or tournaments to cover. This issue feels like there is more lore and background articles and less photos of models but overall is a solid issue with plenty to read about.