My second model from the Pariah Nexus Expansion set is finished and I’m pleased to share the pictures of my 9th Company Master with Master Crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle. This sculpt really suits the Dark Angels and I feel he has a bit of an Azreal vibe with the gun resting on the hip.

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This model dominates his 40mm base, he’s so large and imposing. The heavy Bolt Rifle he carries is exactly twice the length of a first born’s Bolter but he’s so big it’s in scale to him. I grabbed a Chaos Cultist and held it against the length of the gun and it’s the same length from the Cultist’s feet to his shoulders. In real world terms that would make the Heavy Bolt Rifle around 5ft (150cm) in length.

To paint the Captain I followed my own Dark Angel tutorial with a few tweaks. I’m hoping to post a new updated Dark Angel tutorial soon so watch out for that. The cape is a new recipe:

To paint the inside of the robe and the tabard check out my Vanguard Eliminators post here for the recipe and technique.

Captains wear their own personally heraldry on their right shoulder and usually this is a sculpted detail on most Captain models but interestingly this model’s shoulder pad is plain. I scoured my Dark Angel codex books and couldn’t find any personal iconography for the Master of the 9th Company so I made something up. I did half a skul and half heavy support symbol in white. Quite pleased with it.

That’s the characters from Pariah Nexus Expansion painted. Next up will be the Flayed Ones. I’ll have a tutorial for the Flayed Ones too, it’s going to be fun because it’ll have some blood effect tips.

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